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North Truro, MA

Designed for a waterfront site overlooking Cape Cod Bay, this modern house takes advantage of stunning views while negotiating steep terrain. The house is anchored behind the top of the coastal bank, which creates a buffer from the extreme conditions of the site. Designed for LEED compliance, the house is constructed with sustainable and non-toxic materials, and powered with alternative energy systems, including geothermal heating and cooling, photovoltaic (solar) electricity and a residential scale wind turbine.

The plan is organized along the north/south axis, with living spaces pushed towards the water and service spaces lining the eastern side of the house. Additionally, the house is split along its east/west axis, with private spaces enjoying southern exposure and public spaces occupying the northern half. The rectangular footprint parallels the bluff and beach, offering expansive views from all rooms.

Large sliding glass doors on either side of the house allow ocean breezes to flow through. The flat roof offers a roof-top deck with fireplace. Interior finishes include wooden walls and stone floors.

Interior Designer: Raymond Forehand Associates

Contractor:  Cape Associates