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West Falmouth, MA

JNA designed a renovation for this summer house to create comfortable and accommodating year-round living, as the owners look toward retirement.  The existing footprint guided the planning for most of the project, except toward the rear, where a dining room and screened porch have been added.

The open and interconnected kitchen, dining, family, and living rooms make up the core of the house and allow for family members to engage in their own activities while enjoying each other's company.  The gathering space extends outside to a bluestone terrace and large screened porch.  JNA reconfigured the master bedroom and bathroom to include a walk-through closet with a large built-in dresser.  The master bathroom has a strong relationship with the landscape, as well as easy access to the outdoor shower.  An existing basement garage was converted into a secondary family room that can serve as an additional guest suite, with a private entrance and terrace.

Contractor: Broderick Building and Remodeling