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Cataumet Cottage

Bourne, MA

A warm and modern cabin in the woods offers a fresh take on Cape Cod summer living. This 1970s contemporary upside down house that serves as a seasonal retreat for a young, fun family of five was fully renovated. Sited on a large wooded lot in Wings Neck, the refurbished red cedar clad "contemporary-camp" style building looks right at home in the trees. Besides a full renovation of the entire house with an addition, the program includes a canvas "glamping" tent tucked into the woods, a rough-sawn, spruce-clad shed roof carport, and an integrated outdoor shower with a rusted corrugated metal wall and sail cloth roof. Wyoming snow fencing reclaimed from the wintry Midwest roads brings the woods indoors as a rustic wall finish. Reclaimed antique flooring runs throughout the living spaces.

Contractor: McLaughlin & Son


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