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Lexington, MA

This turn-of-the-century gambrel was extensively renovated to meet the needs of a family with two children and many pets. The design includes a new kitchen and mudroom extension as well as additional porches. The owner now has room for all with four bedrooms, an attic playroom suite, living and dining rooms, large kitchen, and children's study.

The house employs a geothermal deep well vertical closed loop system for heating and cooling. Reclaimed antique heart pine flooring and mudroom walls create an atmosphere of casual warmth. The original antique heart pine floorboards were reclaimed as new kitchen cabinetry. Recessed light fixtures will have dimmable fluorescent bulbs. The house has four grand fireplaces, all surrounded by hand-made Motawi ceramic tile, each in a unique design. Pratt and Larson tiles decorate the four baths.

The mahogany porch floors are FSC-certified wood. Red cedar sidewall, Alaskan cedar shingle roof, BioBased insulation, and Marvin wooden windows ensure a tight envelope. Situated near town and mass transit options, the family can access services without a vehicle.

The separate garage has an attached chicken coop and run. The chickens enjoy cedar siding and a granite retaining wall. The terraces near the house are bluestone; the edging is granite cobble. Stephen Stimson Associates, Landscape Architects, collaborated on this project.

Contractor:  Thoughtforms Corporation