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Hatchville, MA

Lucky Pines is the home of Jill Neubauer.

The 4.5 acre site of pine woodland fronts Deep Pond. A collection of buildings occupies the landscape and carves out its domain from the woods. In addition to the house, a workshop and storage shed, barn, chicken coop and tree house have been built over the years. Recently, JNA added a library to the house.

The house and outbuildings reflect an aesthetic of contemporary rustic, which is inspired by Jill’s roots in the Wisconsin north woods. This modern log cabin utilizes mature pine trees as structural columns for its three floors. The columns are paired with exposed framing and steel beams. Knotty pine walls contrast with colored plaster walls, which derive their colors from site elements – green pine needles, rusty pine needles, and lake sand. A 120 foot long poured concrete wall running through the work shop, courtyard, and house retains the grade and establishes a plinth for the house and lawn. An exposed aggregate fireplace heats up the mass of a free-standing raw concrete wall. Throughout the house, raw materials are counter-balanced by the warmth of the pine, colored plaster and furnishings.

The courtyard space between the house and workshop holds a number of useful and delightful features. Accommodations for outdoor dining, showering, and grilling, as well as a soothing water feature and runnel, create a wonderful summer room.

The barn, like the other buildings, has a balance of modern and traditional design and materials. The exposed oak timber frame structure is in-filled with pine, cedar and polycarbonate. The plastic walls allow light to fill the barn and make a pleasant environment for the horses and family.

The master plan organizes the structures on the site. The design of the buildings settles them into their pine landscape; each one has a dialogue with the other. An ideal project for JNA is when the interests of the Owners can be combined with the nature of the site to create a symbiotic environment for the family.

Contractor:  Miller Starbuck Construction