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Hatchville, MA

The three outbuildings at Lucky Pines exude a balance of modern and traditional design, mirroring the main residence. Lucky Pines is the home of Jill Neubauer.

Only steps from the house, the barn’s angles and roof line complement the lines of the house. The barn has an exposed oak timber frame structure in-filled with pine, cedar and polycarbonate. Spacious stalls with large windows for light and ventilation ensure the horses a comfortable home. The high plastic sheathing allows light to fill the barn and open loft, creating a pleasant environment for all. A large paddock adjacent to the barn allows quick turn-out. The bright tack room with a pizza table provides additional entertaining space as well as a place to clean and store tack. The basketball hoop installed in the aisles inspires quick pick-up games after chores.

Nestled in the woods, the chicken coop with water view sits on a long parterre created for the chicken run. Granite footings support the coop above the grade on the hillside. Like in the barn, polycarbonate side wall allows light to fill the space and creates a pleasant environment for the chickens; it also facilitates finding and collecting eggs!

Locust trees were buried directly into the ground for the supports of the tree house. A balcony extends the space toward the water. The ladder and small access hole preclude “grown-ups” from invading this special space.

Contractor:  Miller Starbuck Construction