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Racine, WI

"It is just beautiful.  I love living here!" -- Mom

Situated on a gentle rise, facing south and west over pastures, this new green house anticipates Silver LEED Certification. Sustainably designed for Jill's mother, the house is located on the family's forty acre horse farm near Racine, Wisconsin.

Designed for a single, older owner, the house has handicapped access and a lower level having the potential to house a live-in nurse. The house is organized in three distinct elements - a Great Room, Master Suite and Office, and Garage - each with its own shed roof. The interior design of the house is simple and contemporary. Most floors are sustainable cork; the foyer and bath floors and bath countertops are slate. Vertical grain fir cabinetry and trim add a simple warmth to the house, while stainless steel kitchen counters are clean and functional.

Sustainably designed, "green" structures built from non-toxic, renewable and recycled building materials, and incorporating renewable energy systems create a healthier environment for both the inhabitants and the planet. A priority in green design is conservation - both energy and material.

Some sustainable components utilized in this project include a solar domestic hot water heating system, triple paned Loewen insulated windows, a recycled product foundation, and an intensively insulated building envelope. Non-toxic building and interior design materials were used, including FSC-certified lumber. All appliances are Energy Star rated, and the toilets are dual-flush. Adding to the sustainability of the project, cisterns capture run-off water from the great room shed roof, to be used for gardening. Additionally, there is no lawn element, but rather natural prairie and wildflowers surrounding the house.

Contractor:  Pragmatic Construction