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North Falmouth, MA

"I'm thrilled and just can't gush enough about it.  Perfect, perfect, perfect!  Thanks for making it happen." -- Owner

This project began with a consideration of the kitchen and den spaces only, but evolved to consider most of the living spaces and the envelope. The original design of the house had a large dark masonry chimney element which overwhelmed and divided the central great room. Removal of this element transformed the organization and atmosphere of the central great room. Freeing up the floor plan gives the home an optimistic open feel, while stained cork walls help reduce the scale of the living room, making it quieter and visually comfortable.

JNA modified some windows and added huge sliding glass doors which open to the south terrace. Additionally, we changed a bedroom into an open sitting area to create more visual depth to the great room, and opened up the mudroom for easier access from the kitchen. Four large curtain elements are hung at the thresholds to the art studio, den, mudroom, and great room to create diaphanous moveable-at-will partitions.

The European kitchen and den cabinetry in rich bold colors strongly impacts the overall character of the house. Locally crafted cabinetry constructed with translucent stained Europly and two complementary 3-Form recycled products makes a highly organized and very hip mudroom.

Contractor:  O'Hara Builders